Configuring your AP Batch Export Spreadsheet: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

There are many ways to export your invoices to your company's Accounts Payable Team. This guide will explain how to configure the batch file. 

A spreadsheet is generated per batch when a batch file is created in Brightflag. Having the correct information on your batch file can reduce back and forth with your AP team and can save them time when inputting the data into AP software.


File Formats:

The AP spreadsheet can be generated in the formats .csv .xlsx .xml. or .data.



Depending on your AP team’s requirements, the batch file can be configured to include any of the below columns in any order.  The field names can also be customised.

Vendor Name

Entity Name

Invoice Number

Invoice Date

Invoice Due Date

Currency Code

Invoice Totals

Approved Date

Upload Date

Review stage

Reviewer Email

Invoice Status


Matter Number

Matter Name

Matter Category

Matter Status

Matter Lead

User Email

Billing Start Date

Billing End Date

Entity Tax ID

Entity Address

Allocations Information

To configure your batch file, contact your company's designated Brightflag Customer Success Manager.

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