Choosing a Purchase Order (PO) when Submitting an Invoice (For Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms.

Assigning a Purchase Order (PO) to an invoice will allow you and your client to easily track the services connected to a PO. POs are configured by your client, but you will assign your invoices to a PO at the point of upload.

Viewing the PO Associated with a Matter 

    1. Find the matter that is connected to the PO and click on the Matter Ref to access the Matter Overview page.

    2. Navigate to the Purchase Orders tab. Here you will see all POs that your client has added to this matter:Screen_Shot_2021-09-29_at_1.44.24_PM.png 
      • PO Number
        • If your PO is connected to several matters, you will see the same PO Number on both matters. However, your invoices will always need to be split out as one matter per invoice.
      • Start Date and End Date
        • This will be used for reporting purposes only and will not impact restrictions on invoice dates. 
      • Currency
        • This will be used for reporting purposes only and will not impact restrictions on invoice currency. 
      • PO Amount
        • The monetary value that has been budgeted for this PO.
      • Status

    3. If the PO you need to assign to an invoice isn’t available, please ask your client to add it.

Assigning a PO to a PDF Invoice 

  1. Begin uploading your PDF invoice as normal.

  2. After you select the matter, if there are POs on this matter that are active and assigned to your vendor, you will be presented with a Purchase Order dropdown. Select the relevant PO from the dropdown.Screen_Shot_2021-09-29_at_1.45.28_PM.png 
    • If there is no PO available to choose from for this matter, contact your client and they can update the PO to be available to your vendor.
    • Depending on your client’s setup, you may not be required to select a PO.

Assigning a PO to a LEDES Invoice 

  1. When generating the LEDES file, add the PO number to the field PO_NUMBER.

  2. Begin uploading your LEDES file invoice as normal.
    • The PO number will be selected based on the value from your LEDES file.
    • If the matter requires a PO, but your LEDES file has not selected one, you will be prompted to select the correct PO.
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