Adding, Editing or removing a Purchase Order (PO): for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

This article is best suited to Client Accounts that have the Purchase Order (PO) feature enabled. Should you wish to have this feature enabled, please have the Client Admin Submit a Request with the Brightflag Support Team,

Adding Purchase Orders (POs) to Brightflag lets your finance team track spending against POs more easily. POs can be set up in various ways to suit your company’s needs.

PO numbers are set up linked to a matter. You can edit the PO number for individual invoices, and you can choose which Vendors on a specific Matter can see them.

  • POs can only be set up at the Matter level.
  • POs must have a set currency; invoices can not be submitted against that PO in other currencies.
  • Vendors can see the PO amounts on the Matter page.
  • You can set up a PO and not assign it to a vendor; this means all vendors on that Matter can see it.


To add a PO:

    1. Find the matter that is connected to the PO and click on the Matter Ref to access the Matter Overview page.

    2. Navigate to the Purchase Orders tab.
    3. Click Add Purchase Order.
    4. You will be required to enter:
      • PO Number
        • If your PO is connected to several matters, you can create a PO on another matter and use the same PO number.
      • Status
        • When the PO is complete, change the status to Inactive so that your vendors can no longer select it when submitting an invoice.Screen_Shot_2021-09-23_at_4.04.59_PM.png
    5. The remaining fields are optional:
      • PO Amount
        • The monetary value that has been budgeted for this PO.
      • Start Date and End Date
      • Currency
      • Vendor(s)
        • Select which vendor you wish to connect to this PO. You can select one vendor per PO. If multiple vendors are working on the same matter, you must create a PO for each vendor.
    6. Repeat these steps to add all POs connected to this matter.

To Edit/remove a PO:

1. Find the matter you which to edit or remove the PO from and open the PO tab and click on the 3 dots on the far right.


2. You will be presented with two options to edit or remove in this menu.

3. If editing, select the Edit option and make the changes needed to be followed by clicking the save button on the top right, and for removing/deleting you will get a pop-up to confirm the action.


Vendor Visibility of POs

If you have multiple POs set up within a Matter, your Vendor can select the relevant PO connected to that Vendor from a dropdown list when submitting an invoice.

If an invoice has an incorrect PO assigned, you can manually override the PO on the invoice.


PO Compliance

PO amount and start/end date are not enforced to block invoices from being uploaded. However, we can have flags set up that will trigger for the following conditions (and can auto-reject these if desired; please discuss this with your CSM):
  • Purchase Order Not Selected
  • Purchase Order Warning (75%)
  • Purchase Order Overrun


Specific details on what happens for Vendors submitting POs

  • If there is a PO in the Matter assigned to Vendor A OR no Vendor assigned to the PO, LEDES 98BI Upload and PDF Upload will require Vendor A to select the PO. (LEDES 98B does not require PO, regardless of how the matter is set up; however, we can restrict your account only to accept LEDES 98BI files. Please discuss this with your CSM).
  • If a PO in the Matter is assigned to Vendor B, PO is not required.
  • If there is no PO in the Matter, PO is not required.



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