Vendor/Law Firm Performance Scorecard: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Gauging the performance of your Vendor against your Matters is an essential step towards ensuring you are getting the most from your panel.

At the end of each matter, you can rate the vendors in terms of Communication, Quality, Business Alignment, Budget & NPS Score.


How to Enable the Vendor Performance Feature:

If you are a Client Admin please Submit a Request to Brightflag Support Team if you would like this feature enabled. Please note that only a Client Admin role can request this. See our Client User Permissions & Roles guide in our help center.

When is the scorecard completed?

After you close the matter, you will be automatically taken to the survey to complete it. If the person that closes the matter is not the internal matter lead (IML), the survey will be sent to the IML via email. Once the IML receives the email, they can click on the survey link to complete it. Admins can also trigger the survey to be sent on open matters too.

  • A survey link does not expire. If an IML is on leave, they can take the survey when they return.

  • A survey link is not tied to one person. If an IML decides their colleague would be better suited to do the survey, they can forward the survey email link to them.

  • If matters are closed in bulk, the person closing the matter is given the option to request surveys or not. If they choose to request surveys, the IML of each matter will receive an email with the survey(s) (one email per IML).

Can you retake the survey?

  • If a survey has been taken but you click on the survey link, you will see on-screen that the survey is already complete. You will have the option of doing the survey again.

  • A survey can be taken again if a matter is re-opened and closed, the latest survey scores will be what is recorded for the results.

What are the survey questions?

  • How would you rate the communication on this matter?

  • How would you rate the quality of work on this matter?

  • How would you rate the business alignment on this matter?

  • How would you rate the budget management on this matter?

  • How likely would you be to recommend this vendor for future matters?

What happens to the survey results?

Survey results are fed into dashboards that your company admins can view and download.

How can I trigger the survey on an open matter?

Yes, you can trigger a survey at any point in the matter lifecycle. You will need access to the vendor performance page, which is typically only available for admins.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Vendors > Vendor Performance.
  2. Click on Setup.

  3. Search for the matters for which you want to trigger the survey.

  4. Use the tick boxes to select the matters.

  5. Click Send Survey to Selected to trigger the survey link to be emailed to the relevant internal matter leads.
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