Resubmitting Rejected Invoices: for Vendors (Law Firms)

When an invoice is rejected you can resubmit it after the appropriate corrections have been made.


To resubmit a PDF Invoice


  • Go through the regular process of uploading an invoice

  • Under Is this a resubmitted invoice?, click Yes.


  • Choose the previously submitted invoice draft from the "Link to Invoice" dropdown to the right.
  • NOTE: Please refrain from changing the invoice number, but instead, add "A" or "R" to the very end of the number to denote the revised draft (for example if the original, rejected invoice number is 123456, a re-submission should be similar to 123456A). If the invoice number is changed instead of linking your resubmitted invoice to the previously rejected version, your invoice submission will be subject to rejection.

If the reason the invoice is rejected is that it’s connected to the wrong matter, please reach out to your client. Your client can manually move the rejected invoice to the correct matter, at which point you will be able to resubmit your invoice to the correct matter. 


To resubmit a LEDES Invoice

  • Go through the regular process of uploading an invoice. 
    • You may need to make a slight edit to the end of the file name to signal the system the file is not the same file that was already submitted.
      • E.g. Orignal invoice filename: 12345.txt; resubmitted invoice filename: 12345A.txt
  • After you have uploaded the invoice, click the red link button and select the invoice number of the original draft. If an invoice is submitted as a new draft and not linked to the old draft, the invoice will be subject to rejection.Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_12.54.53_PM.png

  • Duplicate invoice numbers are not allowed unless it is a revised draft.

  • Once this is complete you will be able to confirm and fully submit the invoice.



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