How to report on your Vendor Diversity: For Clients

Understanding how your vendors progress against their diversity commitments can be easily tracked with Brightflag’s Vendor Diversity feature. After you have configured your diversity module, you will be able to begin reporting. Vendor diversity metrics are hidden until at least 20% of their USA timekeepers have completed the survey.


To report on Vendor diversity:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > Vendor Diversity

  2. Click on the Reports tab.


  3. Using the Vendors dropdown, select the relevant vendor.

  4. Using the Category dropdown, select the diversity category.

  5. From there, you can view the diversity under a variety of variables:
    • % of hours billed vs % of value billed
    • % headcount
    • % headcount billed in role
    • % value billed in role

  6. Hover your cursor over any of the graphs to see additional information.

  7. Click Export to Excel on any of the reports.

Your vendors can view the same reports that you see. 

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