How to report on your own firm's diversity: For Vendors


To view diversity reports for your firm:

  1. Navigate to Menu > My Firm > Firm Diversity. You will see report information when at least 20% of timekeepers have participated.

  2. Using the Category dropdown, select the diversity category.

  3. From there, you can view reports for the selected category:
    • % of hours billed vs % of value billed
    • % headcount
    • % headcount billed in role
    • % value billed in role

  4. Hover your cursor over any of the graphs to see additional information.

  5. Click Export to Excel on any of the reports.

Your client can view the same reports that you see.



Where can I see your privacy policy?

To see our privacy policy, click here

What if a don't wish to provide this information?

There is an option for everything to select "prefer not to say". However, the results of the same are private and not displayed anywhere that an individual could be determined.

How do we protect people from being identified?

All reporting and metrics are hidden until at least 20% of USA timekeepers have surveys returned.


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