How to configure Vendor Diversity Survey Request: For Clients

Understanding how your vendors progress against their diversity commitments can be easily tracked with Brightflag’s Vendor Diversity feature. Quickly request specific vendors’ USA timekeepers to complete a diversity survey. From there, Brightflag will present you with a diversity dashboard for each vendor that you have included.

Reach out to your company’s dedicated Customer Success Manager for guidance on the configuration. They can enable this feature for you. To see our privacy policy, click here.


To configure Vendor diversity:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > Vendor Diversity


  2. Vendor selection:
    • Click Activate For All for every vendor to be included.
    • Click on the Choose Vendors dropdown and select specific vendors.

  3. From there, the vendor admins will receive an email asking them to upload an email address and country code for each of their timekeepers. After the upload, any timekeeper with a USA country code and valid email address will receive a personalized email with a link to a diversity survey.

  4. In the Activation tab, you can track the progress of diversity survey completion rates per vendor.  The timekeeper may complete the survey but choose not to share any of their details. This will still count as a completed survey.

To learn how to report on vendor diversity, click here.


Are the questions on the diversity survey customizable?

No, the questions in the diversity survey are not customizable. Below is a copy of the email sent to law firms:

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