How to send a report to SFTP Server: For Clients

Navigate to your Reports tab > Report Scheduler


  1. Specify An SFTP Server e.g.

  2. Specify the SFTP Path e.g. /ap-export. This is the subfolder of the SFTP server where you want the file to end up.

  3. Specify the Authentication Method
    • Credentials will require a username and password.
    • Private Key will require a username and private key.

Who hosts the SFTP server?

Brightflag can provide you with an SFTP server hosted on our servers. If you'd prefer, you can use your own in the same way. If you need an SFTP server to be hosted by Brightflag, contact

Where do I get a private key from?

If you would prefer to use a private key rather than a password, you will need to obtain this from the SFTP server host. If Brightflag is the server host, reach out to Brightflag support. If you host your own SFTP server, nothing needs to be provided to Brightflag as authentication will be managed within your own SFTP.

What private key type does the Brightflag SFTP support?

  • PKCS#8


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