Adding Notes to a Matter: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

For Client users of Brightflag, there are 2 ways in which you add notes to a matter - through the use of a custom matter field or through the Notes tab. Custom matter fields are great for reporting and restricting the input type, but the Notes tab is purpose-built for chronological and dynamic note-taking.

Important to highlight that the notes feature is only available for Client users. All notes added to a matter are not visible to Vendors/Law Firms.


To add a note to a matter:

  1. Find the relevant matter.

  2. Click on the Matter Ref to access the Matter Overview Page.

  3. Navigate to the Notes tab of that matter. Here, you will see all notes that have already been added to the matter.

  4. Begin typing in the text box to enter your note. Click +Add Note to confirm your entry.
  5. After you have submitted your note, you can edit or delete it by clicking on beside the note.

Notes can be viewed by anyone with access to the matter.


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