Reporting API: For clients

Reporting API allows the following dataset to be extracted from Brightflag platform to import into some BI (Business Intelligence) tool (i.e., PowerBI or Tableau).


What report types are provided via the Reporting API?

  • Accruals

  • Line Items

  • Matters

  • Matter Spend

  • Invoices

  • Timekeepers

How to use the Reporting API?

A bearer token is required in the HTTP Header to use this API. The bearer token can be acquired by requesting the OAuth token endpoint:

For convenience, you can opt to have reports sent automatically via API, and this new Reporting API in the Report Builder will save time and ensure you are kept informed.

Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more.


For further information on Brightflags reports, please see Building a Report, Report Types & Scheduling a Report articles.

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