Multi-Line Purchase Orders/PO (Client Article)

This article is best suited to Client Accounts that have the Purchase Order (PO) feature enabled. Should you wish to have this feature enabled, please have the Client Admin Submit a Request with the Brightflag Support Team. 

For details on how to add or edit a PO (Purchase Order), please see this help article: Adding or Editing a Purchase Order.

Brightflag has upgraded the Purchase Order feature adding the ability for customers to break down their PO's into multiple lines. This means that:

  • Client users will see Multi-Line PO in the PO tab on a Matter page & the PO tab on an Invoice
  • Ability to add PO Comments
  • The Start & End dates of PO's are now captured
  • API enabled
  • Law Firms/Vendors may be required to split out fees and expenses by PO line item (depending on client requirements.


Adding a New PO Number with Multi-Line Feature

  1. Access the relevant Matter and under the PURCHASE ORDERS tab, select the + ADD PURCHASE ORDER

  2. In the Purchase Order Number box, type the number of the new PO you wish to createmceclip5.png

  3. After you type the new PO number, click on Add new to continuemceclip6.png

  4. Select the vendormceclip7.png

  5. Select the Currencymceclip8.png

  6. Add new Purchase Order Lines

  7. Complete the details for each PO line:
    • Line Number
    • Line Description
    • From & To dates(if applicable)
    • Amount

  8. To add additional lines, click on add line and follow the steps highlighted abovemceclip9.png

  9. You can add an optional comment should you wish.

  10. Finally, once you have all details added to the creation of the new PO, click on the green add button on the top right of the screenmceclip11.png

Add Multi-Lines into Existing PO's

Currently, you cannot edit existing Purchase Orders to include this new multi-line feature. The new multi-line PO feature is only available when creating a new PO.

If you have an existing PO that requires multi-line and is a business-critical requirement, you can Submit a Request to the customer support team including the below information:

  • Purchase Order Number:
  • Matter Ref:
  • Vendor Name:
  • New PO Line Number:
  • New PO Line Amount:
  • New PO Line Description “Short Text” on SAP PO request form:
  • New PO Line Start Date:
  • New PO Line End Date:


Vendor Users

For Vendor/Law Firm users that are logged in and select to upload invoices to a client who has the Multi-Line PO feature enabled as a requirement for law firms, the Vendor will see the Multi-Line Purchase Order capability and be able to split out fees and expenses for the Purchase Order.

When Vendors are logged in and select to upload invoices to a customer who does not have Multi-Line PO toggled on, they will not see the Multi-Line Purchase Order capability and will upload invoices for Purchase Order 




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