What is the Matter Activity Log? (Client Article)

The Activity Log is a way for clients to track & view the activity/actions that take place on a Matter.


The activity log is located on the new matter summary tab within each matter. The activity log will show what activity took place on the matter, along with who triggered it and when. This feature is very useful for reviewing the history of a matter and for collaboration when multiple participants are working across a matter.


Watch this short video to learn more.


What does the Activity Log do?

It provides a timeline of historic activities on a matter and allows matter participants to review and see what changes were made, by who and when they were made. This is especially useful for large matters spanning over long periods of time & also large matters with a large number of matter participants.


How does it work?

The Activity Log on a matter will display any activity related to the matter. Anyone that has access to the matter can see the Activity Log.

The Activity Log is located on the Matter Summary Tab. It will display activity detail of the matter starting with the most recent activity at the top. The activity timeline will then descent to the older activities.

All activities contain the relevant information:

  • What activity took place

  • When it took place

  • Who actioned the activity

  • In some cases list the values that were changed (Old Value to New Value)


Activities that are Logged?

  • Matter Status - Matter Created/Open, Matter Closed, Matter Re-opened

  • Change to Matter Fields (Old to New) - Matter Name, Category, Currency, Department, Entity, Country, Budget, Group, Entity

  • IML assigned or changed

  • Participants assigned or changed

  • Email Added, Email Deleted, File Added & File Deleted

  • Budget Assigned, Budget Changed (Old & New Value), Budget Removed.

  • Vendor Added, Vendor Removed

  • Allocations Set

  • PO Added. PO Updated

  • Invoices Approved.


Is the Activity Log available to Vendors/Law Firms?

Currently, this new feature is only available to client users of Brightfalg.

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