Submitting Accruals - Manually: for Vendors (Law Firms)

Submission of Accruals within the required deadline can be done in two ways, Manually or in Bulk. This help article covers the steps for Manually Submitting Accruals.

For Bulk Accruals Submissions, please see this help article: Submitting Accruals in Bulk

To successfully submit accruals, you must either be a Matter participant or hold a Vendor Office Admin role or higher on Brightflag. All Vendor Office Admin & Vendor Admin roles have access to all matters and as such can submit accruals. Further information is detailed below.


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Manual Accrual Submissions (within Deadline):

The Accruals section in the Brightflag app is where you Submit Accruals for your client. For missed deadlines Accruals Submissions please skip to the relevant section below.  

  1. Navigate to Menu > Accruals.

  2. The Accruals page will default to the current accruals period, highlighting in blue the date the last accruals period closed on and the date range for the current accruals period. 

    Be sure the correct accrual period is selected before commencing. You will be able to see the current accrual period highlighted in blue at the top of the page.

  3. Input the accrual amounts for all relevant matters. You will need to break out your accruals into:
    - Prior Accrual Periods Unbilled (the amount accrued in previous accrual periods and not yet billed).
    - Current Accrual Period Unbilled (the amount accrued in this accrual period but not yet billed).


  4. You can also add a comment in the comment box for each accrual entered.
  5. Finally, once you have entered all accruals manually, ensure you click the Submit button at the bottom right of the page.


**ESSENTIAL READING** Submitting Accruals: All You Need To Know

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  • This points to an "accruals" button that does not exist on my screen.


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