Submitting Accruals: All You Need To Know

Monthly Accruals are expenses that a company has yet to pay. The Brightflag platform offers its customers the ability to better manage the monthly Accruals process with its 3rd party law firms/vendors.

This help article covers everything a vendor/law firm needs regarding Submitting Accruals for a client.



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Where Do I Submit Accruals On Brightflag?

Vendor users that are active participants on open matters have access to submit accruals by clicking:

Menu > Accruals


How to Submit Accruals

There are two ways to submit Accruals, Manually or In Bulk. If you have multiple open Matters with a Client we suggest using the Bulk option for a faster approach. Detailed steps for each approach can be found in the following help articles and video guide:



Who Can Submit Accruals?

To successfully submit accruals, you must either be a Matter participant or hold an Office Admin role or Vendor Admin role on Brightflag.

All Vendor Office Admin & Vendor Admin roles have access to all matters and as such can submit accruals. Further information is detailed below.


Error Message After Submission

You receive the error message "No Accruals Submitted" when trying to submit your Accruals.

This error message will only be prompted when you try to re-enter/re-submit the same accruals twice.

  • If no more editing is needed, then no further action needs to be taken.
  • If you require to edit the accruals further, make the necessary changes, and be sure to check the accrual amounts before clicking Submit.


Accruals Submission Deadline / Missed Deadline

The accruals submission deadline is decided by your client and based on their requirements. If you missed your Accruals Submission Deadline please reach out to your client to see if they can accept your accruals manually. 

Important to note that Brightflag support cannot add accruals submissions on behalf of law firms. If you miss your Accruals Submission Deadline and require a late entry, please reach out to your client directly.

For Clients that require Accruals to be submitted before month-end, it's best practice to submit your Accruals before the deadline or engage with your Client before the deadline to agree on a different approach.


Can't Enter An Accrual Amount On My Matters?

If the Current Period Unbilled or Prior Periods Unbilled fields are uneditable and highlighted in pink, which means the accruals submission window has closed. Depending on your client, this could be at any point in the month.

The deadline for the accrual submission window is stated at the top of your screen "Accruals Submission Closed: [date] [time] [timezone] 23:59:59".



Accruals Submission Reminder Emails

Accruals submission reminders are set out to all law firms who are listed within an open & active matter. Accruals Submission Reminders are not sent for matters which are fully closed. Please do not reply to this email notification. The reminder is sent to Office Admin and Vendor Admin users.

If you receive these Accruals Submission Reminders but no longer work with this client, please reach out to the client directly to have them either close off the matter or remove your law firm from the open matter. Brightflag support cannot remove your law firm from an active matter, only your client has the relevant privileges to take this action.

  • How to Stop Receiving Notification Emails: Vendor users will continue receiving these notification reminders as long as their Brightflag account remains enabled or if they remain a participant in an active Matter.
    To stop these notifications you must disable your Brightflag account or have yourself removed from the Matter. Neither Brightflag Support nor the Client can change the notification settings for Accruals Submissions.

  • How to be added to Accruals Notifications: Firstly you must have a Brightflag account in order to receive these notification emails. Only your client has permission to generate more Brightflag users so contact your client to have you set up.
    Once you have your Brightflag account set up and you have been added as a matter participant, you will start receiving these Accruals Submissions Notifications Emails.

  • Unable to submit Accruals before the deadline: If the Accruals Submissions window passes, please reach out to the client as soon as you have your estimates/figures and they may be able to input them manually.


Do I Need To Be Invited By Brightflag To Submit My Accruals?

No. For clients that require accruals, all vendor users who are active participants on an open matter will receive automated email reminders from Brightflag. Important to note that these are only email reminders and vendors should not wait to receive this email to submit their accruals.

Vendors have the ability/permission to submit accruals throughout the month by clicking:

Menu > Accruals

Accruals can be submitted at any time during the month before the submission deadline, highlighted in blue on the Accruals page - screenshot below.


Things To Be Aware Of:

Below is a list of points to be aware of relating to Accruals, especially where law firms fall into difficulty when submitting Accruals. If we've missed anything on this list, feel free to leave a comment below.

  • Matter not approved: If your client has not successfully approved a matter then you will not be unable to submit accruals against it. To have the matter approved please reach out to your client.

  • No Pending Accruals to Submit: If you have no new accruals to submit for the current billing period, you still need to submit your Accruals via Brightflag. To do this you must enter accruals of 0 on Brightflag. This lets the client know that there are zero accruals for your law firm and not that you simply forgot to submit them.

  • Accruals Submission not required for all clients: Most Brightflag clients require their law firms to submit accruals and as such, you will receive a notification reminder.

  • Submitting an Estimate Accrual: For any unbilled services, you can submit an estimated figure from which a future invoice will outline the detailed cost of the same services. It's important to ensure accruals are submitted to your client on time, either in the estimate or accurate figures.

  • No Access To Submit Accruals: Office Admin and Vendor Admin roles have access to submit accruals for all matters at your law firm, however, if you still don't have access to submit Accruals for a particular Matter, please reach out to your client to ensure they have fully opened the Matter. 
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