Unable to Request or Create a Matter: for Vendors (Law Firms)

This article applies to *Vendors/Law Firms.

As a vendor law firm, you may use Brightflag for one or multiple clients. While using the Brightflag law firm portal for multiple clients you may notice some differences in functionality & permissions which vary for each client.

This is due to the customizable settings Clients have enabled which control how their vendor law firms use Brightflag. One such setting is relating to Matters.

Matter Settings

The below settings can differ per client which changes your functionality depending on which client account you are logged in under:

  • Create a new Matter: if this setting is enabled by the Client, you will have the ability to create a new matter instantly. Click here for steps on Creating a Matter.

  • Request to Open a new Matter: Some Clients do not allow vendors to create a new matter but instead enable the 'Request a Matter' function for their vendors. Click here for steps on how to Request a Matter.

Who can help me?

You need to reach out to your Client if you don't see any of the above options as this means your Client has disabled both these matter functions for your law firm. Your Client can help you if you wish to:

    • Create a new matter
    • Be added to an existing matter
    • Change details to an existing matter

Why are these settings in place?

The Brightflag platform gives clients full control & visibility into their legal operations and allows customized settings tailored to client-specific needs. If your client has disabled one or multiple of the above settings this means they require more control of these processes, and as such, you need to contact your client directly for assistance.

Important to note that the Brightflag Support Team cannot take action on behalf of a client for any of these settings that are not enabled. All requests should go to your client directly.

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