Adding Documents & Attachments to a Matter: for Brightflag Vendors (Law Firms)

This article applies to *Vendors/Law Firms.


To upload files and emails to a matter:

From time to time you may be required to upload additional documents, emails, or files to a Matter. 

  • To upload documents, go to Matters > Click into the Matter > Select the Documents tab within the Matter.

  • In the righthand side of the Documents screen, you will see the prompt to attach (screenshot below) where you can drop & drop inside the dotted green box or click browse search files on your computer to attach. 

  • Once your attachment has been uploaded it will become visible in the list of documents attached to this matter (screenshot below. 

  • Once the attachment is visible in this list it has automatically been saved and now visible to all matter participants including your client.


Who can View the Documents Attached to a Matter?

All Client & Law Firm matter participants can view and download all attachments within a matter.


Can my Client see Matter Attachments?

Yes, all attachments made by vendor law firms will also be available to your client to view & download.


Can I see Matter Attachments uploaded by my Client?

No, as a vendor law firm user you will only have visibility into matter attachments made by vendor law firm matter participants. Any documents that your clients uploads onto a matter will not be visible to you.


How can I Download or Delete Attachments?

Within the documents section of a matter, you can download or delete attachments under the 'Action' column of that page.



  • Download: Click the blue download button
  • Delete: Click the yellow delete button - you will then get a pop-up window to confirm you wish to delete the file. Once you click the red Remove button, the file will be deleted and no longer be visible to any matter participants from both the Client or Law Firm.

Can Deleted Files be Retrieved?

No, once a file is deleted it cannot be retrieved by anyone. However, all activity will be documented with the Summary tab on the Client view so important to note that your client will be able to see a log of files being added & deleted.

Vendor law firms do not have access to this activity log - only Clients have this level of access.


Is My Matter Activity Tracked by the Client?

Yes, your client has an Activity Log which is visible to them within their Matter Summary Tab. This Activity Log captures all relevant activity data relating to the matter including details of files uploaded & detected.

Below is a screenshot of what your Client will see within the Summary tab of a Matter. Again, this view is not visible to vendor law firms:




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