How to Find My New Client (for Law Firms and Vendors)

This article is for law firms and vendors.

If you have more than one client using Brightflag, this article will outline how you can navigate the Law Firm Portal while working for multiple clients. 

Finding your new client:



Links to Log In

As a market leader in data privacy, we ensure our client data is stored in the most secure and effective way that best suits their business. As such, Brightflag has three main data servers for which we store client data. These servers are based in the United States, Europe & Australia.

The login details for each of your clients are determined by their main HQ location or the location specified in your onboarding email. For example, a client headquartered in Germany will typically have their data stored on the EU server.

The log-in details for each server are listed below:

When one of your clients starts using Brightflag for the first time, you'll receive a series of onboarding communications that will detail all relevant information along with login instructions. If you are unsure what link to use to log in, you can find it in one of these emails or contact your client directly. 


Handy Tips & Tricks

For law firms and vendors who use Brightflag for multiple clients, we recommend that you bookmark the login URLs for quick access. As you will have different login credentials for each client, we also recommend that you use a secure password management application such as for safe and secure management of all credentials. 


Recommended Reading

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