Why is my Law Firm Name Different on Brightflag? (for Law Firms and Vendors)

When you click on your name on the top left side of the screen, you will see your account details, law firm name and office. Clients have the ability to assign 'Custom Vendor Names' to each of their vendors. If your firm's name appears incorrect, this may be because it's been changed by your client. 'Custom Vendor Names' are visible for both client and vendor users of Brightflag. 


Who Assigned my 'Custom Vendor Name' on Brightflag?

Clients have the ability to assign a 'Custom Vendor Name' which will be reflected when vendor users log into the Brightflag Law Firm Portal. Clients may do this to better distinguish between vendor firms, or for better internal vendor management. This can only be edited by your client. 


Can Vendor Law Firms Change the 'Custom Vendor Name' on Brightflag?

No, only your client has the ability to make any changes to the 'Custom Vendor Name' displayed on Brightflag. Please contact your client directly if you wish to have any changes made.


Where can Clients Change the Custom Vendor Name?

For Clients who wish to alter/change the Custom Vendor Name on Brightflag, please go to:

  • Menu > Vendors > Vendor Management > Select/Search for the Vendor 

  • Under the 'Customer Vendor Name' column select the name you wish to edit

  • An edit box will then appear enabling you to change the Custom Vendor Name

  • Make the relevant changes/edits and then click on the green box to save for your changes to take effect.

Please note, only clients can change the 'Custom Vendor Name' in Brightflag. 

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