Data Breach - State Notifications

This solution will guide you in making required notifications with state agencies in the event of a breach of personal data. The workroom includes a task for each state with direct links to online forms, email addresses, and related reference materials. Upload copies of your filings in the workroom to create a perfect compliance record. 



1 Create the workroom from the template 

Use the template to create a new Workroom. Modify the workroom title to include the date or other identifier of the event. 

2 Gather filing information  

The information you will need for the various filings is listed in the section, “Gather reporting information.” 


Identify any colleagues who possess necessary information and invite them to the workroom. 



Make them the owner of information they can provide. 


3 Complete filings where required 

For each state, determine if action is required using one of the state-by-state guides linked from the template. If a filing is not required, record the reason in the description of the task for that state. 


The required actions may include completing an online form, sending a notification email, or providing notice via postal mail. In each case, capture a copy of the submission or screenshot of the filing and upload it as a reference file in the task for that state. When done, mark the task complete. 


4 Monitor and update 

Filing updates may be required based on new developments relating to the breach. If you make additional filings, capture and upload confirmations to the appropriate tasks. 

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