Files (Folders and Documents): How do I use the Grid View in Records?

You can easily switch to the Grid View in Records for  for quick editing of file Titles and Effective Dates. Cell navigation is limited to the cells of just these two columns which focuses keyboard navigation on only the editable cells

To enable Grid View in Records:

  • Open the destination Workroom and select the Records Tab.
  • Click the icon at the top of the center pane.
  • The display of the  file list switches from the default "Comfortable" View to Grid View



Display Mode: A cell is highlighted but no cursor appears in the field, alpha and numerical keys are ignored.

Arrow Keys @ Display Mode

  • Up –up one cell
  • Down –down one cell
  • Right –right one cell, or wrap to first cell next line.
  • Left –left one cell, or wrap to last cell previous row  
  • Single Click on display modeis ignored. Double Click on display mode causes the cell to enter edit mode.

Edit Mode: A cell is highlighted and editable. Alpha and numerical keys can be used. Arrow keys apply to the field rather than to cell navigation.If the cell has a pop-up data entry,such as a date-picker,then it is displayed in this mode.

Arrow and Home Keys @ Edit Mode:

  • Up/End –cursor to end of text
  • Down/Home –cursor to start of text
  • Right - cursor right one character
  • Left - cursor left one character
  • When a cell is in edit mode clicking on an area outside of the cell or data entry pop-up is a ‘cancel’ operation. Data is not saved and text reverts to original.

Text cell keyboard key behaviors-when a cell is selected:

A) Enter @ display mode= current cell enters edit mode

B) Enter @ edit mode= save and advance down row, cell in edit mode

C) Tab @ display mode= advance one column, cell in display mode

D) Tab @ edit mode= save and advance on column, cell in display mode

E) Escape @ edit mode= current cell enters display mode(no save action) 

Shift –Shift+Enter / Shift+Tab : shift modifies the advancement direction to the opposite direction.

Save –The save action only happens if the string of text in the field has changed.  

Click on a column heading to sort by that column.

Note: Once you select Grid View in one Workroom, that view becomes the default view in all of your workrooms. To hide grid and switch back to Comfortable View, click the icon once again.

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