Slack: How do I use Slack with Brightflag Workspace for Legal Intake Requests?

n Order to use Slack for Legal Intake Requests, you must first install the Brightflag Workspace App for Slack. Click here to learn how.


When a new legal request needs to be submitted; go to Slack and select the Shortcut icon below the chat bar. 

And select Brightflag Workspace Legal Project Request option. 

Complete the  Legal Department Request intake form. 

Receive confirmation in Slack for the submission of the request. 

If you would like to include files with the request, click.  

Browse for files, attach to the request.  Click  Upload. 

Confirmation of file upload will be added to the Slack channel from where the request was initiated.


In Brightflag Workspace, a corresponding Task has been created in the Legal Team and Intake Ticketing workroom from the Slack request. 

This Task can now be assigned an owner and followers.  

After review, click the icon to create a new workroom to manage this task. 

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