Entering a budget on the matter form

A matter budget can be viewed and set across the Brightflag application.

The best way to set a matter budget is either via a vendor budget request or via the budgets tab of the matters page.

This gives you or your vendor the most control over the finer details.

If your matters typically don't have enough budgets set, you can still quickly set a budget on the matter when creating or bulk updating your matters.

For information on where budgets appear and how budgets can be set can be found in this help article: Where do matter budgets appear in Brightflag?


Default periods and splitting

If a budget is set outside of a vendor budget request or via the budgets tab of the matters page, some default logic is applied.

Setting a life-of-matter budget via the matter forms will insert a default time period of 6 months from the matter creation date.

  • This means these budgets are factored into financial budgets’ [link] forecasting.
  • After creating the matter, the user can choose to edit a budget properly on the budgets tab but is not required to, thus maintaining the lowest barrier to entry for setting budgets.
  • 6 months was chosen as the default period as it is the average time between matter creation and the last invoice submitted to the matter.

**Essential Reading**

For a detailed list of all budget types available on Brightflag, please refer to the following help articles:

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