Entering a budget on the matter form

A matter budget can be viewed and set across the Brightflag application.

The best way to set a matter budget is either via a vendor budget request or via the budgets tab of the matters page.

This gives you or your vendor the most control over the finer details.

If your matters typically don't have enough budgets set, you can still quickly set a budget on the matter when creating or bulk updating your matters.

For information on where budgets appear and how budgets can be set can be found in this help article: Where do matter budgets appear in Brightflag?


Life-of-Matter budget from the matter form

If a budget is entered on the matter creation or request form, a Life-of-Matter budget is set if you have multiple vendors on this matter, the budget amount is split evenly among them. No unassigned amount is set.

You can edit this life-of-matter budget at any point via the budgets tab of the matter.


**Essential Reading**

For a detailed list of all budget types available on Brightflag, please refer to the following help articles:

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