Adding Billing Details to Vendor: (Clients)


Clients have the ability to enter billing details on behalf of a vendor. 


Who can add billing details? 

Only Client Admin roles have the ability to add the billing details for the vendor. 

Can Vendor Law Firms enter billing details on Brightflag?

Yes, in most cases vendor law firms can enter billing details by navigating to Brightflag Firm Detail page (My Firm  >  Firm Details). But it may vary on client's settings. 

Where can Admins enter billing details on Brightflag?
For Client Admin who wishes to enter billing details on behalf of vendor, please go to:

  • Menu > Vendors > Vendor Management > Select/Search for the Vendor 

  • Click on offices >> View

  • Click on 'Add' and enter the details related to each field. 



 Please note, these changes will be reflected on the Vendor's Law Firm Portal, so if the change is significant, please be sure to inform your Vendor of these changes to avoid confusion.                



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