Adding or Changing a Firm Matter Reference (for Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms. 

Vendor users sometimes have the option to add a firm matter reference to a matter on Brightflag. You'll need access to the matter to do so, which will depend on your permission level and the firm office you are viewing. The firm matter reference field may not be editable depending on your client's settings. 


Adding or Changing a Firm Matter Reference

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matters > View Matters.

  2. To search for a Matter, use at least one of the combination of search filters at the top of your screen and then click Search.

  3. The Matter Search allows you to narrow the search by matter-specific elements such as 'Matter Reference', 'Matter Name', or 'Client Matter ID'.

  4. When you have found the matter you are looking for, click on the Matter Name to access the matter overview page.

  5. If the setting to Add Firm Matter reference is enabled, you should be able to Add/Change the  Firm Matter reference field. If this is not enabled you'll need to reach out to your client for assistance.

  6. You can add or change Firm Matter Reference by clicking on it and clicking the tick icon to Submit.
  7. If you cannot locate Firm Matter reference field in Brightflag or if the field is not editable, this is based on your client's settings.

To request that the option to add or edit a Firm Matter Reference is enabled, reach out to your client.

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