Configuring the date type for budgeting: for Brightflag Customer (Clients)

Depending on your financial reporting requirements, your company may place importance on certain date types.  You can choose whether your matter budgets are based on invoice dates (the date the invoice is issued) or the billing period (the dates within which the work is carried out).

The default option is invoice date. If you would like this to be changed to the billing period, reach out to your Brightflag Customer Success Manager who can configure this for you. All spend values in the matter budget charts will be based on the chosen date type.

The spend values for the billing period will be based on the billing period end date.

Most invoices have a billing period of one month (e.g. Jan 01-Jan31), however, if the billing period of an invoice crosses multiple months (e.g. Jan 01-Feb28) then the spend will be placed into February.

If you feel a need to address this, we encourage you to use the flag “Work Billed Across Multiple Months” and configure it to auto-reject invoices that have billing periods that span multiple months.

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