How to send a report by email: For Clients


Navigate to your Report section in your Menu and select Report builder:


  1. Locate the saved reports using different filters Report Type or Created By and then click on Search.

  2. Next, click on Three Horizontal Dots on the right side of the report and click on Run.


  3. You can change the Report Period, Currency, and Output (Send by Email for Sharing a report).


  4. Next, you can add an individual user or multiple users by entering their email addresses and hitting Enter (on the keyboard). By default, your email address will be pre-populated by default.


  5. You can select from three different Output Format, Excel, CSV, or Custom, and click on Run Report.

The colleagues you have shared the report with will receive an email with a Downloadable Report. The link to Download the report will expire after seven days. 


With whom can I share my Report?

You can share a report with any email address you list in the email address fields.

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