Matter Groups (Client Article)

Matter groups allow admin users to link together related matters into distinct categories that can be reported on at a later stage. 


Matter Groups will require a manual updating. This means each existing matter needs to be added to a group manually and any new matters that are created also have to be assigned a matter group after creation.

Please keep in mind you can streamline the grouping process by using the bulk update feature from the matters search page if needed.

Matter groups allow for cost center budgets to be created where you can view the summed-up spend for the group in the platform (Please see the matter groups section found under matter management).

Creating a Matter Group

Matter groups can only be created by client users with an Admin Role.


For steps on how to create a matter group please refer to this article: Creating a Matter Group (Client Article)


Viewing and Reporting on Matter Groups


Admin users can also view matter groups within matter management:




On that page, you can see all of the matter groups for your organization. This page will also show you total spend amount (for all time) for all of the matters in that group:


If you want to see additional details, you can click on a specific matter group. This will take you to a page showing you the total spend details for each matter in the group:


You can also click on the Financial Data tab to see a breakdown of spend by month according to the invoice date:




You can also report on matter groups in the All Matters and the Matters Spend reports in Report Builder.





Q: Does Brightflag support parent/child matters?


A: No, but you can accomplish the same thing with a matter group. Since invoices should be submitted at the most granular level that you would want to report on, we recommend setting up all of your “child” matters as the active matters in Brightflag. Then, for the “parent” matter, you can create a matter group that will allow you to report on matter spend at the group level. 


Q: Can any user create a matter group or add a matter to a matter group?


A: Right now, only Admin users can create or edit matter groups.

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