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What are Vendor Webinars?

As part of our efforts to become the best eBilling solution, we are running monthly webinars exclusively for our law firm and vendor users. Join us at the end of each month for a live session covering the Brightflag platform, with best practice recommendations and Q&A. If your email address is associated with an active account, you'll receive an email invite. 

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Date: Wednesday, March 29th 2023

Time: 4pm GMT | 11am EST | 10am CT 

Agenda: TBC


Previous Webinar Recordings 

Brightflag's Sample Outside Counsel Guidelines (February 2023)

  • User roles and permissions (1:30)
  • Matters on Brightflag (8:50)
  • Brightflag's Sample OCGs (17:00)


2023 Brightflag Refresh (January 2023) 

  • Timekeeper rates (1:30)
  • Invoice submission: PDF (8:20)
  • Invoice submission: LEDES (16:10)
  • Accruals (19:22)
  • Budget submission (27:00)

Preparing for 2023 (November 2022)

  • Timekeeper rates for 2023 (1:30)
  • PDF invoice submission (4:20)
  • LEDES Invoice submission (11:38)
  • Accruals (16:52)
  • Billing best practices with Sinead Kenny (23:50)

How do customers use Brightflag? (October 2022): Watch here

  • What does Brightflag offer customers?
  • Timekeepers
  • Matters and budgets
  • Invoice review for clients and invoice rejection 
  • Accruals

Timekeepers and Vendor Diversity (September 2022): Watch here

  • Users and permissions
  • Timekeeper rates
  • Vendor diversity with Brightflag Head of Product, Barry O'Melia

Accruals, Matters, and Managing your Account (August 2022): Watch here

  • Managing your Brightflag account
  • Viewing and creating matters 
  • Accruals submission

Invoice Rejection, Users, and Timekeepers (July 2022): Watch here

  • User management
  • Timekeepers
  • Invoice rejection
  • Invoice resubmission

Download the July slide deck here

Invoice Best Practices (June 2022): Watch here

  • PDF invoice structure
  • Benefits of LEDES
  • PDF and LEDES submission on Brightflag
  • Invoice statuses

Users and Matters (May 2022): Watch here

  • Accessing new clients
  • Adding new users
  • Matter creation 
  • Adding users to matters
  • Accruals

Getting Started with Brightflag (April 2022): Watch here

  • Users and permissions
  • Timekeeper rates submission
  • Invoice submission
  • Accruals



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