Accruals: On-hold Period (Clients)

What is Accruals On-Hold? Enabling "Accruals On-Hold" ensures that any invoices submitted within the on-hold period will enter a blocked state called "on-hold." Although these invoices will be processed as usual, they cannot be reviewed until the start of the new month. Once the new month begins, the invoices automatically move from the on-hold status to pending and can be reviewed as normal.


When is the On-Hold Period? The on-hold period falls between the accruals submission deadline and the start of the new month.


How Does Accruals On-Hold Affect Reporting? For reporting purposes, the accruals report includes a separate field for on-hold invoices. This allows your finance team to interpret this spend in isolation. It's common for an overlap to occur between the submitted accruals and on-hold invoices; this status helps ensure that spend isn't double-counted.


Billing Best Practices As a best practice, vendors should not submit invoices during the on-hold period. Therefore, the Accruals On-Hold functionality serves as a safety net to maintain proper accounting and reporting.

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