Saving a Report: For Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Brightflag's new Report Builder is a fast and focused solution to answer business-critical questions for data. This new Report Builder allows you to create custom reports to suit your needs. This can be used to generate specific insights or high-level summaries. 

You can Build Your Report and follow the steps till Point 9. Once all of the required fields are selected, there are two ways to Save a Report. 

  1. By Clicking on DONE before clicking on RUN REPORT.
  2. By clicking on RUN REPORT

Saving Report with DONE option

  1. Once you have selected all the required fields for New Report, click on DONE.


  2. Check the box to Save the Template, and you can also rename it as required.


  3. From here, you can also make Report Public by toggling the option.

Saving Report by clicking on RUN REPORT

  1.  Click on RUN REPORT and it will open a small Pop-Up window.
  2.  You can select different Date Type, Currency, and Date Range.


  3. Select Preview on screen (noting that previews are limited to 1000 items, including the download/export of these, a full version can only be emailed) and click on RUN REPORT.
  4. Next screen will show you the preview of the created report template, from here you can EDIT TEMPLATE, or Save by clicking on DONE.


  5. It will show you an option to save this template as Point 2. mentioned above in Saving Report with DONE option.

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