Rejected and Resubmitted Invoices FAQ (Client Article)

Please note that your vendors must have resubmitted your invoice correctly in order for the resubmitted invoice to show up attached to the original invoice. If you expect to see a resubmitted invoice and it is not tied to the original invoice, please contact your CSM who can help you investigate why that is the case.


Q: If I rejected an invoice, how can I know when that invoice has been resubmitted?

A: You can check for revised drafts of invoices on the invoice search page by using the following search criteria ‘Invoice status’ = ‘Revised Draft’.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 1.41.22 PM.png


This will show you a graph of all revised invoices. If you only want to see the latest revised draft, also specify the search criteria ‘Draft Status’ = “Latest Draft’.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 1.41.59 PM.png

The resulting list will show you the Invoice Number, Matter Name, Vendor Name, Invoice Date, Submission Date, Billed Amount, Savings (Compared to the original invoice draft) and Status.

Q: How can I see a list of rejected invoices that have not yet been resubmitted?

A: You can search for rejected invoices on the invoice search page. Use the search criteria ‘Invoice Status’ = ‘Rejected’ and ‘Draft Status’ = “Latest Draft’.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 1.42.18 PM.png


Q: If I am looking at a specific invoice that has a revised draft, how can I see the comments and flags on the original invoice?

A: If you look to the left-side bar on the invoice page, you will see details on the matter and the invoice status. For more information on viewing the invoice page, please review the information here: Approving or Rejecting an Invoice


When you see multiple invoices listed, the invoices listed lower in the list will be earlier drafts of the invoice you are currently viewing. They will be identified as ‘Draft Invoice [#]’; there can be multiple drafts of a given invoice depending on the number of times it has been rejected.


Next to the invoice number for the draft invoices, there will be a small page symbol. If you click on that page symbol, it will open the invoice page for that invoice draft in another window.


As a reminder, you can also click on those teal hyperlinked invoice numbers which will open the original invoice PDF in a new tab.


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