Confirming and entering tax codes/types for LEDES submissions: Vendors (Law Firms)


When submitting a LEDES invoice and the standard required is 98bi and the client is using the Tax engine, For details see you need to include the tax type. This value can vary by the client based on how they have configured their solution due to their AP requirements. 


To confirm this value, you can open the PDF invoice upload section. Note: This is a workaround to obtain the information if the client hasn't confirmed directly. You will not be submitting, but going through the process far enough to access the tax values.


  1. Navigate to Menu > Invoices > Upload PDF.

  2. Click Choose File to upload the PDF invoice from your PC.

  3. Use the Matter Search bar after uploading the PDF invoice to select the matter that this invoice relates to. An invoice can only relate to one matter.

  4. Select whether this invoice Is a Resubmitted Invoice?. Pick an option
  5. Select Hourly Fees or Agreed Fixed Fees.
  6. Next, scroll down to the tax rates section and adjust the jurisdiction to see the tax type to use:




Result: We can see if we are billing in the Australian jurisdiction that the value to use is GST so that is the value we will enter in the tax type LEDES field.



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