Matters and Workrooms FAQs (Client Article)

How do I link an existing workroom to a matter?

A workroom should be created by clicking the Go to Workroom button on a matter. If you created a workroom without doing this, create a workroom via the matter and move your files to the new workroom via the cart [link]. Then archive the original workroom you created


Can I unlink a matter from a workroom?



What happens when I add someone to a workroom who isn’t already a Brightflag user?

They will be prompted to sign up for Workspace. They will only see the workrooms to which they are invited.


Can I rename a matter’s workroom?

The workroom name is inherited from the matter. If you would like to change the workroom name, the workroom admin can do this without affecting the link between the matter and workroom.


What happens when a matter is closed?

The workroom will remain open until you archive it.


What happens to the former emails & files tab?

It will disappear from view to avoid confusion.


What can my vendors see?

When your vendors are added to Workspace, they will be able to log in via the Workspace application as normal. Currently, there is no link between their Brightflag account and the Workspace account.


What happened to the emails & files tab on the matter?

This will be removed when you have workspace enabled to avoid having multiple sources for the same information.

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