Legal Service Requests: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

The Legal Service Requests feature helps to centralize intake, triage requests, and understand the demand for legal services across the business.

Legal ops can define the types of requests that can be submitted, the required and optional fields for each type of request, and which email domains can submit requests, giving structure to legal's engagements with the business.

Who can use the Legal Service Requests feature?

Anyone in the business can use Brightflag's Legal Service Request feature to submit a request to their legal team.

Clients can set up a whitelist of allowed Domains that should be able to use the portal.

How are Legal Service Requests submitted?

Anyone in the business can fill out a form that is submitted to their legal team for review. The form also includes the ability to add attachments to support the LSR. The review can then approve or reject the LSR.

The Requester (anyone in the business requesting legal services) will visit the Request Portal (example URL https:brightflag/LegalServiceRequest/ClientName

  • Client Name: This is the display name of your company. Please reach out to the Brightflag Admin at your company for more information.

How to enable the Legel Service Request feature on Brightflag?

Only Amin users have the relevant permission level to set up and configure Legal Service Requests by navigating to:

  • Admin Settings > Legal Service Requests

What form fields can the admin configure:

The below form fields are configurable by admin users only:

  • Text Fields, Numeric Fields & Date Fields, Drop-down Fields

  • Large Description Field

  • File Upload Capability

  • All Fields can be set as Required or Optional.

  • Conditional Drop-down / Cascading Drop-downs

Clients can also add their company logo to the LSR form.

How are Legal Service Requests Reviewed?

The legal team at your company will log into Brightflag and go to the Legal Service Requests page.

Here they will see all Requests that the company has raised. They can then open the request and review all the information provided. The Legal Team can reject or approve the request at this stage.

If the request is rejected, the rejected reason can be entered, and an email will be sent to the requester, including the reason for rejection.

If approved, the Legal team will convert the request into a matter, the matter will be saved and tracked in Brightflag throughout the matter lifecycle.





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