How to change or reverse the status of an Invoice - for Admins only (Client Article)

Changing/reversing an invoice status:

If an invoice has been approved or rejected in error, and the user that made the final approval or rejection is unavailable to reverse their action, your company’s system admin will be able to reverse the status back to pending in two simple steps.

Once the invoice status has been reversed to a 'Pending' status, the invoice can be approved or rejected as normal, as the invoice approval workflows have been automatically reset with this change. The invoice will go through the required approval workflows as normal.

Note: This reversal feature is only available to client admin users.

Which invoice status can be changed to Pending?

  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • AP Batch Exported
  • Paid & Batch Paid

Steps to change/reverse an invoice:

  1. On the invoice review page, click on the green pencil mceclip1.png icon (screenshot below)

  2. Click the green button 'Yes Change To Pending' on the pop-up window that appears:

  • The invoice has now been reset. The screen will refresh, and the invoice will now show in a 'Pending' status as per the screenshot below:


  • In addition, the approval workflows have automatically been reset, and the invoice will flow through the necessary approval workflows as normal.
    The below screenshot shows the invoice approval flow after the invoice status has been changed/reverted by an admin.


Note: It’s important to be aware that changing an invoice status back to pending may cause your invoice to be paid twice if it has already been sent to Accounts Payable. Admins must ensure to perform all necessary checks to avoid this from occurring.


How do I manually approve/reject an invoice instead of the previous approvers needing to review it again?

Follow this guide: How to manually approve/reject an invoice - for Admins only (Client Article)


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