Can I exclude an invoice from an existing rule? (Client Article)

How do I approve an invoice that has been auto-rejected?

You cannot exclude an invoice from an existing rule. If you have a rule in place that has auto-rejected an invoice but you would like the invoice to be approved, admins have the relevant permissions to change the invoice status from Rejected > Pending using the mceclip1.png icon. From there, an admin can then approve the invoice.

For a step-by-step guide on how admins can change the status of an invoice, please see this help article: How to change the status of an invoice.

For invoices yet to be submitted by a vendor that you know will be auto-rejected, follow the above process once the vendor has submitted the invoice.


What is auto-invoice processing?

Automating the approval or rejection of invoices will save you time and negate the need for human intervention. Additionally, your vendors will get paid quicker or they will resolve the issue sooner.

Auto-invoice processing can be applied to any group of invoices of your choosing, based on your criteria. For example, you may want to auto-approve IP invoices where no billing guideline breaches have been detected, and the invoice is under $500.

The criteria for defining your ‘rules’ for auto-approval or auto-rejection are based on invoice fees, flags (billing guideline breaches), and departments (practice areas).

You can configure auto-invoice processing for your Brightflag account if you have administrator access. You should consult your designated Brightflag Customer Success Manager before making any changes.

For more information on auto-invoice processing, please see this help article: Configuring Auto Invoice Processing Rules.

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