Matter Spend v. Budget Report (Clients)

Brightflag's Matter Spend v. Budget Savings Report is a new pre-built report enabling users to report on matter spend and matter budgets set up through Brightflag. This report makes it easier & quicker to report on how your organization has controlled and reduced spend by utilizing matter budgets in Brightflag.

The Matter Spend v. Budget Savings Report is available to all users of Brightflag. Once this feature is enabled for your organization, you can access it in the Reports section of your Brightflag Menu: Reports > Matter Spend v Budget


Please note that this report currently only accounts for Periodic Budgets and not Phased Budgets. Support for Phased Budgets is planned to be added to this report after the BETA period ends.


How to Run the Report

1. Select a custom date range or use the Brightflag standard date reporting periods.

2. The report will display your default reporting currency, but you can change this to EUR, USD, GBP, or AUD

3. The report will default to open matters only, but you can untick this if you want to cover all matters


Exporting the Report

The page will update when you click "Get Started," and an "Export" button will appear.

You can also update the fields set in the previous steps and rerun the report from this page if needed.


Clicking "Export" will download an Excel sheet with the following information for the selected period:

  • Matter Name
  • Matter Ref
  • Matter Status
  • Matter Group
  • Matter Category
  • Department
  • Matter Currency
  • Vendor
  • Vendor Ref
  • Budget Type
  • Budget Period
  • Budget Amount
  • Actual Amount
  • Entity
  • Internal Matter Lead
  • Variance amount - Difference between the Actual and Budget amount 
  • Variance % - Actual percent budget variance


For further information on Brightflags reports, please see the following articles:

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