Matter Budget Fiscal Year Overrun - Invoice Review Flag: (Clients)

Released March 14th, 2023, Brightflag has launched a new Invoice Review Flag to alert clients when an invoice exceeds a fiscal year budget.

Background Info

  • The flag appears when an invoice knocks a fiscal year of a budget over the limit set.
  • Based on the client's fiscal year set in Brightflag.
  • Based on the client's chosen date type (invoice date or billing period end date)
  • This new flag is specific to each vendor, so it only considers the vendor budget and spend from the vendor of the current invoice. 
  • This flag uses the client's definition of spend, so vendors who bill to multiple Brightflag clients need to be aware of the fiscal year for each of their clients.
    • The concept of a fiscal year is taken from the customers' definition of a fiscal year.


  • Flag added is called ‘MatterBudgetFiscalYearOverrun’.
  • Client Admins can add this new flag using the following steps:
    • Admin Settings > Rules > Manage Rules
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the 'Add New Rule' button
    • Under the Flag Name column, search for ‘MatterBudgetFiscalYearOverrun’.
    • If necessary, edit the remaining fields and then select the save icon:

How it works

  • Every invoice that is submitted after the budget is overrun will trigger this new flag.
  • When a vendor uploads an invoice which will then cause an overrun, this new flag will trigger. 
  • The flag won't appear if the budget is increased above the overrun amount.
  • This flag won't appear when vendors upload an invoice for a matter with no matter budget or vendor budget set. 


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