How to review Timekeeper rates: For Clients


Navigate to your timekeeper section in your menu:


The timekeeper interface allows you to filter by status:

  • Pending: Timekeeper rates submitted pending Admin approval.
  • Approved: Timekeeper rates that have been approved previously.
  • Rejected: Timekeeper rates that have been rejected previously.

Alternatively, if you have direct actions to take you can filter the results down further by "Vendor" and even "Timekeeper name" to narrow your work list down further:


A detailed review of the timekeeper:

1. By clicking on the timekeeper name you are brought into their profile

2. The timekeeper's profile includes the history of their rate submissions along with their name and the current approved highest rate if one is already approved.

Header Glossary:

  • Status: Pending, approved, or rejected.
  • Role: The Role set by the timekeeper and the applicable rate submission i.e. Associate or Paralegal.
  • Vendor: The name you have applied to the Law firm when adding them to your solution.
  • Rate: Currency and value applied per hour for the timekeeper.
  • Effective: The date on which the rate is requested to be valid from and onwards.
  • Requested: The date on which the rate is submitted to you for review.
  • Reviewed: The date on which the rate was reviewed/actioned by Admin.



How do I know when a new timekeeper rate is pending?

As an admin, the dashboard on your landing page will alert you to any pending rate requests. Coming soon: email notifications for alerts.

Why is the % change or annualized % change field null or blank?

There are a couple of scenarios where this can occur.

  • There is no previously approved rate for this timekeeper
  • The effective date of the pending rate is equal to or earlier than the last approved rate.
  • The pending rate amount and the last approved rate are equal.


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