Activity Log (Workspace)

If you ever need to confirm and check activity for a particular Workroom, you can do so by downloading an XLSX file from the Workroom's settings as per the below, for admins and editors only:



The exported spreadsheet will contain these fields:


Workroom Name - Name of the Workroom

Log Type - Can be Security/Action, specifies the type of entry.

Created Date - Date the log entry/action has been created.

Object Type - Object the action was performed at, such as Site Checklist Items, Central Sites, Site Files,                                             Central Site Settings

User - First and Last name of the user performing the action.

Email - User account/email address the action was made with.

Action - Activity that was performed.

Abstract - Summarised action.

IP Address - IP address of the request the action came from.

Resource Link - The URL of where the action occurred,

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