How to Unlock a Vendor User's Account: for Brightflag Clients (Admins Only)

If a vendor user at one of your law firms becomes locked out of their account due to too many failed password attempts, client admins have the relevant access to unlock a vendor's account, including a Vendor Admin account.

Please follow these steps to unlock a locked or blocked vendor account:

  1. Go to Menu > Vendors > Vendor Management

  2. Search for the user's law firm
  3. Select the Users button next to that law firm. This brings you to the list of users associated with that law firm.

  4. Search for the name of the vendor user in the search bar

  5. Under the Disabled column, select the empty tick box to ensure it's populated with a blue tick.

  6. Click the Update button to ensure your changes are saved.

  7. Then un-check the Disabled button and click update again.

This completes the unlocking procedure for locked/blocked vendor user accounts. This process resets the user's login credentials, and you should advise them to follow the Reset Password link on the home page to create a new password. Any previous passwords they had are now void.

For detailed steps to reset your password, please see this help article: Resetting My Password.


Important to note: Vendor admins can also reset locked accounts for Standard and Office Admin users at their law firm. If you have enabled the Vendor Admin role for your vendors, you can ask the dedicated Vendor Admin at their firm to complete this.

A Vendor Admin should follow these steps here: Unlocking Blocked Vendor Users.

Note: A Vendor Admin won't be able to unblock another Vendor Admin so you'll need to take action in that case.

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