How to Create/Edit a Workflow (Client Article)

Please refer to this article if you wish to learn about workflows more generally: Workflows Explained

Step 1: Workflow Name & Priority 

  • Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > Workflows.
  • Click Add Workflow
  • Enter a workflow name and select a workflow priority.

Step 2: Conditions 

  • Click on the workflow name to add conditions.
  • Click Add Condition.

  • Select a "Condition Type" and a "Value" for that condition. 

  • If needed, you can add several conditions.


Workflows are based on AND logic by default, meaning all conditions must be met for an invoice to fall into a Workflow. Workflows can also use OR logic, meaning only one of the conditions needs to be satisfied for the workflow to trigger.

The workflow condition for Gross Total means the invoice gross total must be greater than or equal to the value set.

Step 3: Reviewers 

  • Click Add Stage.
  • Select the "Stage Number" and whether the "Stage is to be approved by all reviewers?" 

  • Next, click Add Reviewer.

  • Select a "User Type" and "Add Reviewer."
  • If you want additional reviewers at this stage, you can click Add Reviewer under the same stage again.
  • Repeat Step 3 to add further stages and users. 


In situations where the same person appears in multiple stages of an invoice approval workflow, Brightflag's default setting recognizes this and includes the reviewer only once. However, if you require a reviewer to be present in multiple stages of the workflow, you can enable this feature by following these steps. 

If an invoice approval stage is assigned to a specific role (eg. IML), but nobody is assigned to that role, that approval stage is skipped.



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