Finding a Matter (Client Article)

The matters that you can see on Brightflag will vary depending on your access level. 


To find a matter:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matter Management > Search/Add Matters


  2. Click the Search button, with no filters selected, to show all matters you have access to. By default, the Status filter will be set on Open only, change the status to All from the drop-down.

  3. Set any additional filters required. For example, use the Vendor dropdown to filter to matter for a particular vendor. 

  4. You can also use the Search Bar to enter a Matter Name or Matter Reference.
  5. After you have set any filters or entered a value in the search bar, ensure to click Search to update the matters displayed to you.

  6. Finally, when you have found the desired matter, click on the Matter Name to access that matter's summary page.

 If you are unable to find the matter you are looking for, check with your company's Brightflag system administrator. If they do not have access to the matter, it will likely need to be created: Creating a Matter (as a Brightflag Customer)

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