Configuring Tax Codes & Rates: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Brightflag’s tax code engine allows you to automate the compliance of tax rates submitted by your vendors. This negates the need for your Accounts Payable team to manually check tax compliance on invoices, by automatically ensuring valid tax rates are itemized at the beginning of the invoice submission process.

To configure your company’s tax engine, Brightflag can provide you with a spreadsheet template. This template can be shared with your company’s AP team, who can populate it. Once your AP team has populated the template, all you need to do is send the template over to your designated Brightflag Customer Success Manager. From there, they can enable the tax engine for use on your company's account. 

Sample tax codes:

Required fields contain an asterisk *

VAT Standard Rated 20.00% UK Std_UK
VAT Exempt UK 0.00% UK Exmt_UK


Ad-hoc updates to your tax rates or codes can be sent to Brightflag Support.

The tax engine can handle any number of tax codes, at any level of jurisdiction. For example, we would be able to handle an invoice in Latin America with taxes at the municipal, state or federal levels. 

For your vendors, there is only a slight change required in their invoice submission process, which is described here: Entering Tax Codes for PDF Invoice Submissions

For more information, please contact your designated Brightflag Customer Success Manager.

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