Adding Vendor Paysites: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Aligning your vendors' invoices with your company's Accounts Payable (AP) system can be tricky and time-consuming. Issues with an invoice's paysite typically aren't discovered until they have reached your AP Team, meaning your vendor may need to restart the entire submission and approval process from scratch.

Vendor paysites is a feature that allows clients to limit the entity that Vendor Offices can invoice to and the currencies they can submit invoices in.

Vendor Paysites ensures a vendor office can only choose the correct Entity and correct Currency when submitting an invoice, thus blocking the errors from the source.

When the paysites have been configured, your vendors will receive an error message when they try to submit an invoice to an entity or currency not permitted by their paysite criteria. 

Who has access to add vendor paysites?

Only admins users in Brightflag have access to add/edit vendor paysites. Please get in touch with an admin at your company if you require updating or adding a new vendor paysite.


To add vendor paysites manually:

  • Navigate to Menu > Vendors > Vendor Paysites.
  • Begin adding a new vendor paysite by clicking Create Vendor Paysite.


  • A modal will pop up requesting the required information to set up a paysite.
  • Once a paysite is created, you cannot delete it, but you can edit and disable the paysite.

What is Vendor Paysites:

  • Vendor Paysites is configured through direct integration with your company's Finance or AP system, e.g. Oracle. Each vendor office’s applicable entities and currencies are communicated to Brightflag via API.
  • Once the AP/Finance system integration is complete, vendor paysites will be factored into the invoice submission process on the Brightflag Law Firm Portal. New paysites added in your AP system will be fed into Brightflag.
  • The API will also manage all vendor office creation. It will block you from adding vendor offices in the Brightflag application.

Sample paysite information is as follows:

"paySiteID": 0, This gets populated by the system after the paysite is added
"paySiteCode": "567LONUSD", This can be any reference number you like for identifying the paysite
"paySiteActive": true, Always set to true unless the paysite is no longer valid
"currency": "USD", ISO code for the currency
"billingLegalEntity": "Brightflag USA Ltd", The name of your company's entity as it appears in Brightflag
"vendorRef": "VR_789", The vendor ref as it appears on the vendor management page of Brightflag
"vendorOfficeRef": "VR_789_London" This can be any reference number you like for identifying the office, it does not need to match the vendor office ref in Brightflag


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