Updating Matters in Bulk: for Brightflag Customers (Client Article)

Updating matters in-bulk saves you time when several matters need the same change.

You will likely want to make use of this feature if you have a large number of matters. Any access-level of Brightflag customers can bulk update matters.


To bulk update your matters:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matter Management > Search/Add Matters.

  2. Use the filters to find the matters you would like to update. At least one filter must be set.

  3. Click Search when you have set your filters.

  4. Use the tick box beside each Matter Ref to select the matters to be updated. Alternatively, you can tick the box at the top left corner of this grid to select all open matters that were returned in your search (this is for just the current page, not all pages).

  5. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Closed matters can't be updated. If you would like to update a closed matter, you must open it first.

  6. Click the green Update button on the right side of the result table.

  7. Select the relevant matter property in the dropdown list and enter the new value(s). Listed below are matter properties you can choose from:

  8. mceclip3.png

    For a detailed list of bulk matter options, see the below steps:
    • Allocations
    • Matter Category
    • Department
    • Entity
    • Internal Matter Lead
    • Matter Participant
    • Internal Matter Lead
    • All custom matter fields & categories: These are custom/unique matter fields & categories unique to your company that has been created by the dedicated Admin(s) at your company. More information can be found in this help article: Adding Custom Matter Fields

  9. Click Apply for matters to save the changes.

  10. After, a pop-up will read X matters updated successfully in the bottom left corner.


Be extra careful to set the correct filter when making a bulk update to avoid any unintended changes. If you would like to bulk create matters, click here.

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