Configuring Single Sign-on (SSO) with Entra ID ( Formerly MS Azure): for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Brightflag integrates with several Single Sign-on (SSO) tools. If you are considering setting up SSO for Brightflag with Entra ID ( Formerly MS Azure), your company’s dedicated Brightflag Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager can guide you through this. 

To set up an Entra ID ( Formerly MS Azure) connection with Brightflag:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on MS Entra ID
  3. Click on Enterprise applications
  4. Click on New Application
  5. Click on Create your own application
  6. Name the application “Brightflag”
  7. Check the option "Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)
  8. Click Create
    • ms8.png
  9. The connection should be configured as follows for the given region, where COMPANY_NAME is the name of your company. 
    1. Australian Region:
      1. Entity ID:
      2. Reply URL:
      3. Sign on URL:
    2. US Region
      1. Entity ID:
      2. Reply URL:
      3. Sign on URL:
    3. EU Region
      1. Entity ID:
      2. Reply URL:
      3. Sign on URL:
  10. Set up the Attributesms10.png
Attribute Value
Name Identifier (NameID) User Email
username User Email
    • The connection will not be authenticated if these are not in the request. These are also case-sensitive.

11. When completed, return to the app connection page and Click on the Download link beside Federation Metadata XML. Send the XML file to Brightflag, and we will complete the configuration of your connection.

  1. ms11.png




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