Reviewing Matter Requests (Client Article)

One way matters can be open in the Brightflag portal is through a vendor matter request. When a vendor requests a matter, it is the responsibility of your company’s Brightflag system admins to review the request.


To view a matter request:

(Follow either step 1 or step 2 below to view a matter request)

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matter Management > Search Matter RequestScreen_Shot_2021-08-25_at_4.34.02_PM.png                   

     2. Navigate to Dashboard > Matter Requests.


    • Only admin and finance users will have access to this page.

To review a matter request:

  1. Click on the Matter Ref of a pending request to begin reviewing it.
  2. After reading the details, click either Approve or Reject.
    • After, click Approve, you will be taken to the matter overview page. Here, you can add or edit details of the matter.
      • Your vendor will receive an email notifying them that the matter is now open. They can now begin submitting invoices against it.
      • If you would like to find this matter at a later date, look for it on the Search/Add Matters page.
    • After clicking Reject, you will be asked to enter a comment to explain the rejection to the vendor.
      • Your vendor will receive an email notifying them of the rejection.
      • If you would like to see your history of rejected requests, change the Status filter to Rejected.

If you would like your vendors to have access to view or edit the matter fields after the matter has been approved, check your matter settings.

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