Overview of Admin Settings: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

 As a Brightflag Client Administrator, you have access to everything within your company's instance.

This guide will provide you with a summary of the administrative features you have access to.

For more information on client user roles & permissions, please visit the Roles & Permissions for Client Users article in our help center.

If you are a Vendor (Law Firm/Legal Service Provider) please visit this guide: Roles & Permissions for Vendor Users


User Management

Brightflag tip: Remember that the role you assign a user will dictate what they can see on Brightflag.


Vendor Management 

Brightflag tip: Remember that there are 3 types of vendor access levels on Brightflag – Vendor Admin, Vendor Office Admin, and Standard. We advise giving most users vendor admin access so that they have visibility over everything related to their vendor.



Brightflag tip: If you create a Department Overview User, they will be able to view all matters/invoices assigned to that department. You don't necessarily need to map your company's department/sub-departments to Brightflag, you can use any type of structure that's most useful for your business needs.


Legal Entity


Matter Settings

Brightflag tip: Information from custom matter fields feeds into reporting. This can be useful for tracking key data points across your matters. Add the custom field to the matter form or matter request form to capture this info at the start of the matter. For fields that can't be populated until the matter has elapsed,




Custom Matter Categories 


Invoice Workflows 

Brightflag tip: building out an invoice approval workflow is very important to get right. For your first couple of workflows, you should coordinate with your Brightflag CSM to build the workflow together. 


AP Routes 

Brightflag tip: building out an AP route is very important to get right. For your first couple of AP route configurations, you should coordinate with your Brightflag CSM to build it together. 



Brightflag tip: your CSM will be an expert on how to make the most of Brightflag reports. Reach out to them for guidance on how to leverage the data to achieve your business goals.

Approving Timekeeper Rates

Brightflag Support

  • If you have any questions about Brightflag, please contact Brightflag Support.
  • You can learn more about non-admin features of Brightflag in our Help Centre: help.brightflag.com
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